Wanna save the planet? How bad do you wanna?
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Al Gore wants to borrow your Facebook and Twitter accounts
The Register

Would you trust someone else with your Facebook account, giving them enough access to post status updates on your behalf? What if that person was Al Gore and it was all for a good cause?

Yes, the latest frontier in online activism has been breached by Gore and the kids over at the Climate Reality Project, who want you to donate your Facebook and/or Twitter account so they can force your friends to be as active as you are in fighting the Green fight.

The donation would give the folks over there the opportunity to update and tweet from your accounts the day before, after and of the “24 hours of reality” event on 14 September, when the project will broadcast climate change stories at 7pm in every timezone from 24 cities around the world.

The event hopes to “bring the world together with a clear message: The climate crisis is real and the time to solve it is now”, project spokesperson Eric Young told The Reg.


Any takers?


Yes, that one.

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Fuck the planet

I have a friend list to build


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